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Salt Therapy

As an athlete, you work hard every day to increase your speed, agility, stamina, and endurance. You make sure you eat the right foods, drink the right beverages, get enough rest, maintain the right weight, and more. When it comes to endurance, breathing is crucial. Not only does an increased uptake of oxygen improve endurance, it can also increase reaction time, mental alertness, concentration, and improve brain health. Salt therapy can benefit everyone from those suffering with skin and/or respiratory conditions, to migraines. But it may just give athletes the advantage they need to win.

Breathing and Lung Capacity

Athletes rely on their ability to breathe, and their lung capacity, to perform their best. One way athletes can maintain lung health is by consuming a diet rich in iron, vitamins C and E, beta carotene, and other antioxidants. A second way is to exercise. Certain types of exercises increase lung capacity such as:

Interval training


High-intensity cardio

What About Salt Therapy?

Research has shown that salt therapy can enhance sport performance. How? By integrating salt therapy into a training routine, salt therapy can help increase lung function, improve performance, and at the same time prevent and treat many underlying respiratory weaknesses.

According to clinical trials, salt therapy helps:

• Clear mucous from the airways, removing

airflow obstruction

• Maintain clear airways

• Reduce inflammation throughout the respiratory tract

• Improve lung function

By optimizing their breathing, athletes can achieve better performance using less breath. Meaning they will have more stamina, have more reserve oxygen, and increase the strength and endurance of their muscles. Research has also indicated that salt therapy helps our bodies fight against viral infections, strengthens our immune system, and facilitates a quicker and more efficient recovery following intense competition. How can athletes go wrong?

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