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Sports Family Survival Kit

You know that mom who always seems prepared - the mom you ask for a Band-Aid when your kid is bleeding, or for sunscreen when you’re caught off guard by the early heat that creeps into spring? Your first thought after leaning on the super prepared mom is, “Mental note: throw some Band-Aids and sunscreen in my bag as soon as I get home.” If you’re like I am, that thought is usually lost in the busyness after the game, and normally only resurfaces the next time I have to go to “Super Mom” for more sunscreen. This year I am determined to be prepared, and maybe even pay forward all of the Band-Aids and sunscreen that has been given to my kids! I have compiled a list of must-haves for every sports family. Now keep in mind, because all sports are different, there may be some additional items that you want to include in your own survival kit, but this list will definitely get you started for those outdoor sports!

  1. First-Aid kit

  2. Sunscreen

  3. Bug Spray

  4. Ponchos

  5. Garbage Bags – Outdoor sports can get messy on rainy days. Garbage bags are great for putting wet equipment and clothes in, especially if you want to keep a halfway-decent car interior. They can even be used to line the seats before wet and muddy kids load in.

  6. Newspaper – They’re great for soaking up the moisture from cleats after a rainy game. This is especially helpful when your athlete has multiple games in one day and needs a speedy drying method. Just stuff the newspaper into their shoes, and the drying begins!

  7. Extra Set of Clothing – With outdoor sports you never know what weather you’ll be sitting in. It’s always a life saver to have some dry T-shirts and pants to put on for the car ride home, or the restaurant break in between games.

  8. Blanket – The weather at outdoor sports can change drastically with no forewarning. You’ll always be thankful for that warm blanket you stowed away in your survival kit!

  9. Umbrella – This item is multipurpose. The obvious is keeping you dry, but it also comes in handy during hot summer practices or games where there’s no shade to be found.

  10. Sweat Shirts – As I mentioned before, you never know what crazy twist the weather can bring, and there’s nothing like knowing you have a comfy sweatshirt in your survival kit when the chill moves in.

Most of the items listed probably seem like no-brainers to you. Well they absolutely are! The key is having them all with you and easily accessible when needed. I’ve gathered all of my Sports Family Survival Kit items into a flat plastic storage bin that fits easily into my hatchback. Having everything in one place, and not floating around my car, makes it so much easier to find what I need quickly, and it gives me the peace of mind that I have my family prepared! The next time your family is caught in unexpected wet weather; a mosquito swarm; or a sudden cold front, you’ll feel like such a “Super Mom” when you have everything you need in a nifty little Sports Family Survival Kit.

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The Athlete's Parent Editor

Amber Michel

An on-the-go mother of 3 young athletes, and wife to a youth football coach, Amber's passion is to educate, encourage, and connect our sports community to raise a generation of healthy and successful athletes! She proudly does this with the help of The Athlete's Parent's team of experts.


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