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School and Sports Schedules: More of a Marathon than a Dash

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It’s well known that physical activity, good nutrition and good sleep can positively affect school performance. However, many of today’s young athletes have busy schedules that leave little time for sleep and school work.

Sports and extra-curricular activities often take priority on the calendar. To enjoy the season, and to get the most out of these activities, it helps to stay ahead of the game by planning in advance not just for athletics but for rest, good meals and schoolwork too. Staying on top of things helps prevent young athletes from feeling stressed or falling behind.

Things to help kids stay on track:

  • Enter important dates (including tests and projects) on a calendar at the beginning of the school year

  • Set goals and deadlines for completing weekly homework or tasks

  • Encourage consistency with bedtimes

  • Take the time to eat breakfast and review a to-do list at the start of each day

  • Prioritize activities

  • Make time for fun activities and family time, as well as down time for rest and relaxation

  • Use time wisely by doing homework during travel time and slow time at sporting events

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Erica Force, Ph.D., Certified Sport Psychology Consultant,Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Sports Medicine Center

Erica Force, Ph.D., has practiced as a licensed psychologist with a focus in sport psychology since 2012. Upon completion of her pediatric post-doctoral fellowship at Scottish Rite for Children in 2015, she joined the Psychology team. Utilizing her credentialing as a Certified Sport Psychology Consultant, she practices primarily in the Sports Medicine Center.

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