Summer Snack Hacks

Surviving the hot summer is made easy with these, yummy and healthy snack hacks that will cool you down!

1. Watermelon Slushy - Watermelon lovers will be in their glory with this cool treat! Simply seed, cut up watermelon, and throw into a blender to puree. (Only blend the pink part of the fruit, not the rind of course!) Pour the watermelon mixture into a container, and freeze until it reaches a slushy consistency. It's that simple! Enjoy a treat that has no added sugar, but all the natural flavor, vitamins, and hydrating qualities that this summer favorite has to offer!

2. Yogurt Pops - The only thing better than an orange dreamsicle is a healthy orange dreamsicle! Pour orange creme yogurt into a popsicle mold, insert a wooden popsicle stick, and freeze! Instead of frozen sugar water and ice cream, you can feel good about serving up this cool treat filled with calcium and protein! Be creative and try out different flavors!

3. Frozen Lemon Grapes - Grapes are a favorite on their own, but this twist makes them even better! Wash grapes and place them in a container that has a lid. Next, squeeze lemon juice over the grapes. Close the lid and shake them up, coating them with the lemon juice. Next, freeze! This healthy snack is another great way to keep you cool throughout the summer!

4. Icy Motts - Here's another simple treat that's refreshing and healthy! Simply place Mott's Applesauce in the freezer until frozen, then serve. We chose the Healthy Harvest Country Berry because it's so delicious, and has no added sugar! Instead of serving your kids, (or yourself) frozen popsicles that are full of sugar and have no nutritional value, you can cool them down by giving them a healthy option that they'll love, and you'll feel good about!

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