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The Athlete's Parent: Simple Berry Smoothie Recipe



Filled with fruit, calcium, and protein, this simple berry smoothie is perfect for athletes and their on-the-go parents!


1 Cup of frozen berries (You can find a berry medley in the frozen food section.)

1/2 Cup of whole milk

1/2 Cup of low fat vanilla yogurt


In a blender mix the frozen berries and whole milk until smooth. You can add a splash of milk if needed to reach a smooth consistency. Do not add too much milk or your smoothie will be runny. Next, add the vanilla yogurt and blend just until all of the ingredients are mixed, and until you've reached your desired consistency. This recipe yields 16 ounces.

Do you have a recipe to fuel athletes that you'd like to share? Share it with us HERE and it will be considered for an upcoming edition of The Athlete's Parent! Remember...keep it healthy!

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