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From the Editor

Thank you so much for visiting The Athlete's Parent! In today's world there is no lack of information; there is however a lack of credible information. At The Athlete's Parent, we provide you with content from only the best experts on the subject. From board-certified physicians in pediatrics and sports medicine; to sports dietitians; certified sport psychology consultants; physical therapists; and sports performance trainers and coaches who have

worked with professional and Olympic athletes, our team shares the keys to raising successful athletes. Our mission is "To educate, encourage, and connect our sports community to raise a generation of healthy and successful athletes." We're confident that here you will find the keys to do just that!

Happy reading...and may you and your athletes find success on and off the field!

- Amber

The Athlete's Parent

Experts who work with professional & Olympic athletes share information for your youth athlete!

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